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Trend Networks - Introducing the most powerful and fastest certifier we’ve ever made.

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LanTEK IV-S Series  - Trend Networks


The ‘S’ stands for speed.

The LanTEK IV-S cable certifier brings a new standard to the industry, saving you time and improving profitability. It’s time to change the way you certify. 

  • Every measurement.  Every standard.  Every time.  7 seconds. 
    • Optional TCL, ELTCTL, TD NEXT, and TDRL measurements are always included
  • Fastest Cloud enabled certifier in the world
    •  Upload. Render. Report. With the fastest complete cloud management process in the industry.
  • Increase Productivity with the Patented VisiLINQ
    • Certify without touching the tester
  • Easiest drag and drop project management in the Cloud
    • An industry first with unlimited free cloud storage
  • Twice the CPU power and twice the RAM
    • For an even faster user experience
  • Entirely new 3.0 Software bringing you our fastest user experience yet, designed with only one thing in mind, SPEED.
    • Combining the best of previous versions with todays upgraded hardware
  • Sapphire Care Plan to reduce the cost of ownership
Annual calibration included.  Depend On Us.