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Eaton Network Connectivity

Eaton Network Connectivity

Eaton’s full range of network connectivity devices enables you to remotely monitor and manage your power quality equipment. From outlet by outlet energy consumption reports to temperature and humidity readings, connectivity devices give you full control of your IT environment from offsite.

Eaton, Network Card, Gigabit, w/ UL 2900-1 Cyber Security certification
Eaton, Relay Card-MS
Eaton Industrial Relay Card-MS
Eaton, Gigabit Industrial Gateway X2 Card
Eaton, Industrial Gateway Card Mini-Slot for UPS
Tripp Lite WEBCARDLXE Network Management Card for Select UPS Systems
Tripp Lite WEBCARDLXMINI Network Card for Select UPS Systems
Eaton, Relay & Display Industrial X-Slot Card
Eaton, Environmental Monitoring Probes forEnvironmental Rack Monitor
Eaton, Environmental Monitoring Probe (ConnectUPS or Pxpert Card Required)
Eaton, Environmental Monitoring Probe Gen 2
Eaton, ERM Vibration Sensor
Eaton, ERM Smoke Detector/Alarm (220VAC, IEC C-13)
Eaton, ERM Water Leak Detector, 12ft
Eaton, ERM Sensor: Smoke Detector/Alarm (110VAC,NEMA 5-15)
Eaton, ERM Door Contact Sensor
Eaton, ERM Water Leak Detector, 3 ft