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Eaton, 93PM 20 kW UPS with internal batteries, 3 strings

Eaton 93PM UPS

The Eaton 93PM UPS combines unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and vertical or horizontal scalability with eye-catching design. A space-saving, flexible device that’s as easy to deploy as it is to manage, it’s the perfect three-phase white or grey space solution for today’s data center.

  • Lowest TCO
    • Reduces power and cooling OPEX through industry-leading energy efficiency
    • Conserves valuable data center floor space with its compact footprint and internal redundancy design
    • Reduces cost and unexpected future growth risks with it’s vertical scalability, enabling you to scale as you grow
  • Ease of deployment
    • Maximizes deployment flexibility by providing innovative thermal management options, flexible configurability and full service access from the front
    • Simplifies installation by fitting perfectly in line or alongside any standard-depth rack
  • Ease of management
    • Provides easier access to detailed status information through its large, user-friendly LCD touchscreen interface
    • Optimizes server virtualization solutions through its full suite of power management and connectivity software
    • Increases uptime through its 24x7 remote monitoring and reporting capabilities
Product Snapshot

Power Rating   
50, 50+1, 100, 100+1, 150, 150+1, 200
480V (600/600V or 600/208V with transformer cabinet)
50/60 Hz
Double conversion with optional Energy Saver System (ESS)
Up to 97% in double conversion
99% in Energy Saver System
Internal up to 4
External up to 8
Internal batteries up to 50 kW; external batteries up to 200 kW