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DIN-Rail, Keystone Industrial Mounting Module,

Signamax Keystone Industrial DIN-Rail Mounting Module
Signamax Keystone Industrial DIN-Rail Mounting Modules afford an opportunity to combine advantages of regular keystone jack de-sign and transmission performance with simplicity and usability of industrial DIN-rail mounting systems.

State-of-the-art module's design provides all kinds of features usually found in office work area solutions, - universal labeling, pro-tection covers, "front access," "gravity compensation" for patch cords along with such important for the industrial applications aspects as toolless mounting and replacement of connector modules, quick access to any part of the assembly. Additionally, modules allow installing screened jacks without any extra efforts, parts, and tools.

  • Designed for standard 35-mm wide DIN rails
  • Side lids are removable facilitating installation of several modules in one continuous row
  • Accommodates all Signamax keystone jacks up to 17 mm (0.67 in) wide
  • Metal spring serves two purposes - secure retention of all keystone jack types, and grounding contact and path for screened jacks
  • Clear plastic labeling window
  • Front hinged hatch protects keystone jack from damage and contamination when it is not used
  • Swinging cassette with latching mechanism allows quick and easy installation and removal of the keystone jack
  • Installation does not require special tools or threaded fastening - the module snaps-on the DIN rail
  • Cable entry points are equipped with noses supporting required cable bend radii and protecting cables from deformation
  • Equipment or patch cord connection angle provides for cord stress compensation caused by the cord's weight