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Signamax, Industrial Jack, IP67, Protective Cap, C6, FTP

Signamax Category 6 UTP and Screened Industrial-Grade Jacks

Signamax industrial grade jacks provide the same high-level transmission performance as other Signamax twisted-pair connectors in-tended for regular commercial applications, but with a robustness capable to withstand harsh environments typical to factory floors, chemical, food processing plants, etc. Unique IP67-rated jack housing design guarantees superb protection against liquid and solid agents' penetration, against vibrations, and for a long-life reliable performance. Jacks are furnished with dust caps to prevent expo-sure of unmated connectors and are available in an unscreened (UTP) and screened (FTP) versions.

  • Unique IP67-rated jack housing design
  • Furnished with dust caps
  • Available in an unscreened (UTP) and screened (FTP) versions
  • Applications - factory floors, chemical, food processing plants
  • T568A and T568B wiring with an easy-to-read color-code wiring label
  • Termination with standard single-position 110 termination tool
  • Rear 110-type contacts provide improved wire retention and ease of termination
  • Contact design provides enhanced plug-to-jack connection integrity and protects against damage caused by insertion of 4 or 6 po-sition plugs
  • Rated for at least 750 plug insertions