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Wavenet Patch Panel C6A, 110-Type, 48 Port, 1U, T568A/B, Rear Cmgt Bar


Wavenet, Patch Panel, C6A, 110-Type, 48 Port, 1U, T568A/B, Rear Cable Management Bar


Category 6A CAT6A 2U 48‐port, 110‐Type UTP, 10G Patch Panel is component compliant to ANSI/TIA Category 6A connecting hardware requirements. The vertical 110‐Type insulation displacement connectors (IDCs) are designed to provide optimum permanent and channel link performance. The vertical termination also help reduces potential Alien Crosstalk (ANXT) with adjacent UTP cables. The jack ports and 110‐IDC punch down are grouped n six‐ port modules for quick and easy labeling and maintenance.