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Punch Down Tools

Keystone Punch Down Tools

Primewired Wire Strip and Punch Down Tool for Category Cable
Punch Down Tool 110 for Category Cable
Wavenet Termination Tool, JACK4PAIR, for Keystone, with 90 and 180 degree die
Termination Tool for 180 jack - 4 Pair tool Seat and Cut
Primewired, Punchdown and Cut Tool, with 110 Blade
Platinum Tools PT Punchdown Tool, w/NeverDull 110 Blade
Platinum Tools, PT Punchdown Tool, Yellow/Blue (Blades Not Incl'd)
Platinum Tools, NeverDull Punchdown Blade, 66 Style
Platinum NeverDull Punchdown Blade, 110 Style, Clamshell.
Platinum Tools Punchdown Blade, BIX Style
Platinum Punchdown Blade, 66 Style.
Platinum Punchdown Blade, Krone Style. Clamshell.
Platinum Punchdown Extension Tool
BIX-16A Punch Down Tool