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Hammond, FRCM Series, Vertical Finger Cable Manager w/door 44U 8X8


Hammond Vertical Fingered Rack Cable Manager with Door FRCM Series

The vertical Fingered Rack Cable Manager (FRCM) from Hammond Mfg can be used for managing sensitive fiber, large bundles of Cat6a and most coax cables combined into a structurally strong vertical cable manager. The easy to install, double-hinged door keeps the rack system visually organized and can be removed for ease of cable installation.


  • High density cable managers may be installed back to back and ganged side by side.
  • Manager is open at front allowing easy removal of cables after initial installation.
  • Sturdy T-shape steel fingers are spaced at 2RU and provide support for large cable bundles and heavy gauge cables.
  • Separated space easily allows for cables to be added or removed without fishing the cable.
  • Includes clip-on plastic finger guards for cable bend radius.
  • Door opens to the right or left and is easily removed. Door includes a visual indicator to ensure the door pin is fully engaged.
  • Mount either single unit or two units for front and rear cable management.
  • Includes cable mounting lances for hook and loop cable organization.
  • Openings in the back of the manager allow cables to pass easily front to rear. Install optional cable rings (CMRC Series) for rear cable management.


  • Manager body is constructed of 16-gauge steel while manager door is constructed of 18-gauge steel. Optional spool shall be extruded aluminum.
  • Compatible with Hammond DNRR, DC2R, DC4R and RB-2P Series of open frame racks.
  • Manager and door finished in textured black power coat finish. Door pins are powder coat painted in premium high gloss red.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.