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Primewired, Punchdown and Cut Tool, with 110 Blade


 Punchdown and Cut Tool, 110 Blade

This standard impact punch down tool brings professional results at an economical price. This punch down tool includes a removable 110 cut blade. Spring tension is adjustable and there’s a built-in spot for a spare blade storage that locks the spare blade in place so it won’t fall out or get lost. This tool is compatible with standard twist-lock punch tool bits. The edges of the handle are rounded for comfort and it features a finger groove near the front for ease of control. Handle includes a pick tool and insertion tool on either side for additional multi-functional use. The handle is two toned so you can easily identify which side of the bit is the sharp side; the grey side will always be the cut side and the blue side will always be the side that doesn’t cut off the wire.

Having a punch bit without a blade is useful for daisy chaining cross connect on a block. Because the handle is spring loaded it makes it easier to punch down cable and you can be sure that the wire will remain in place on a keystone jack, block, or patch panel.